Product Consultancy

HE Electronics: Product Consultancy

HE Electronics offers a range of services in the design, development, manufacture and test of electronic and electro-mechanical systems and can advise and support companies bringing their own products to market. HE Electronics can work from either an early stage product concept or from detailed requirements documents to provide the route to a prototype or finished product. If a working prototype already exists, HE Electronics can use their engineering and test expertise to productise it, including adapting and optimising the product for volume manufacture. HE Electronics can also advise on documentation, compliance and test requirements and provide Project Management assistance.


  • Specialist electronics, software and mechanical expertise
  • Signal processing, control systems, wireless, displays
  • Systems Integration. Project management
  • Advice and support for prototyping. Product enhancements
  • Production Engineering. 
  • Drawing Office and CAD facilities
  • Preparation of technical documentation
  • Environmental test specifications preparation. EMC support 
  • Test design, test rigs and testing services
  • Type approvals. Certificates of Conformity. CE marking
  • ISO9001:2008 

Engineering Design Services See More

Advice and assistance from our engineering and design office is available to clients when designing and building early prototypes or introducing new production techniques. We can work on planned new products from a rough concept, MRD or a detailed PRD. We can also adapt, modify and improve existing products as well as provide solutions to deal with legacy issues in existing systems. We have extensive experience in designing and testing equipment to meet stringent EMC and environmental specifications. HE Electronics is accredited to ISO 9001 for Electronics design. ( add link to page ENDS13  for further information)

Manufacture, Test and Quality See More

A range of electronic and electrical manufacture can be performed on our premises. We provide chassis, rack, electromechanical and cable looming/harness assembly services as well as PCBs. Our well-equipped workshop can accommodate prototype builds and test as well as production runs.

Comprehensive test can be provided using proprietary instruments or special purpose test rigs. Full environmental test specifications can be prepared and equipment stressed using our environmental chamber or the services of approved test houses.


  • Industrial
  • Transport
  • Aerospace and Defence
  • Security
  • Subsea and Marine


  • Electronic Systems
  • Sensors & Transducers
  • Control Modules
  • Simulators and Training Equipment
  • Digital Media Systems
  • Bespoke Electrical Components
  • Harsh Environments. Type Approvals
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  • Industrial
  • Defence & Security
  • Aerospace & Marine
  • Commercial
  • Transport
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The Key Benefits

  • High Integrity, High Reliability, High Performance Electronic Systems & Solutions
  • Cost-effective Bespoke & Custom Design
  • A Wide Range of Engineering Consulting & Services to Support You
  • Innovative Technical Capabilities, Solving Complex Problems
  • Customer Focused, Flexible Approach
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