Digital Media Systems

HE Electronics: Robust Digital Media System

The HE Electronics robust Digital Media System provides secure and reliable video and audio playback from a Solid State Drive. Different options are available. The system can operate in full digital mode with remote user interaction including touch screen support. Alternatively an analog output version of the unit is available which can slot into existing wiring and display installations replacing tape based systems such as Hi-8. The unit is fault tolerant, can cope with high shock and vibration environments and includes a fail-safe mode.

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  • Robust digital media playback system from SSD
  • Digital output option for interactive distributed playback 
  • Analog output option for legacy installations
  • Compliant with requirements of main content studios
  • Simultaneous multiple audio feeds
  • Can be adapted to WiFi, Ethernet or HDMI
  • Compact, low power consumption
  • Standard rack mounted. 330mm x 190mm x 90mm
  • Custom casing options available

Digital Output Option

  • Standalone playback, or remotely controlled by users • Secure Ethernet distribution of media data
  • Output - 300 video on demand full HD feeds
  • Remote user interaction option with touch screens
  • Robust display screens can be provided

Analog Output Option

  • Plug and Play replacement for commonly used legacy analog systems
  • Can slot into existing wiring and display installations • Replacing tape based systems such as Hi-8

Digital Media Player

  • Up to 50 hours of clear digital content with 240GB SSD
  • Larger disk options up to 1TB available
  • Fast, easy and secure loading of content
  • Compliant with requirements of main content studios
  • Central direct play control or distributed VOD options
  • Easy to use interface, with LCD Display on front panel
  • Compact, low power consumption. Weight optimised
  • Power supply 90-260V, AC or DC
  • Custom or standard casings. ARINC720 support
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Fail-safe mode 


  • Training and Education
  • Aerospace IFE
  • Defence and Marine
  • Industrial
  • Entertainment


  • Electronic Systems
  • Sensors & Transducers
  • Control Modules
  • Simulators and Training Equipment
  • Digital Media Systems
  • Bespoke Electrical Components
  • Harsh Environments. Type Approvals
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  • Industrial
  • Defence & Security
  • Aerospace & Marine
  • Commercial
  • Transport
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