Electronic Systems

Electronic Systems Design & Manufacture

HE Electronics has a wide range of expertise in the design, development, manufacture and test of electronic and electro-mechanical systems and equipment. We have experience in cost effective design and manufacturing techniques, whilst operating to agreed programmes and quality requirements.

System Design

  • Analogue, digital and mixed signal electronics 
  • Hardware, software and mechanical 
  • Motor control, actuators, coupling coils and assemblies. 
  • Power supply design
  • RF, GSM and wireless. Telemetry
  • Systems integration 

Embedded Software and Control

  • Real time microprocessor systems
  • Data acquisition
  • Control systems. Signal processing
  • Sensor and transducers: specification, selection and system integration

Audio, Video and Digital Media Systems

  • Analog, digital audio and video
  • Bespoke GUIs. 
  • Robust playback systems and displays
  • Encrypted solutions

Robust Electronics

  • Robust and reliable designs for demanding environments
  • Support for environmental test specifications. EMC expertise 
  • Fail-safe systems. Fault tolerant circuits
  • Production engineering


  • Electronic Systems
  • Sensors & Transducers
  • Control Modules
  • Simulators and Training Equipment
  • Digital Media Systems
  • Bespoke Electrical Components
  • Harsh Environments. Type Approvals
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  • Industrial
  • Defence & Security
  • Aerospace & Marine
  • Commercial
  • Transport
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The Key Benefits

  • High Integrity, High Reliability, High Performance Electronic Systems & Solutions
  • Cost-effective Bespoke & Custom Design
  • A Wide Range of Engineering Consulting & Services to Support You
  • Innovative Technical Capabilities, Solving Complex Problems
  • Customer Focused, Flexible Approach
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