Engineering Design Services

HE Electronics: Engineering Design Services

HE Electronics offers a range of services in the design, development, manufacture and test of electronic and electro-mechanical systems and equipment. We have experience in cost effective design and manufacturing techniques, whilst operating to agreed programmes and quality requirements. Advice and assistance from our engineering and design office is available to clients when building early prototypes or introducing new production techniques. HE Electronics’ design services are accredited to ISO 9001.


  • Specialist electronics, software and mechanical design 
  • Support for prototyping. Problem solving. Product enhancements
  • Electronics for harsh environments.  Ruggedise existing designs
  • Legacy systems: advice, support and replacements
  • Drawing office and 3D CAD facilities. Preparation of technical documentation
  • Production engineering. Project management
  • Test design, test rigs, burn in and testing
  • Environmental test specifications preparation. EMC support 


  • Electronics systems, software, firmware.  Mechanical design and housings
  • Control systems. Signal processing. Embedded microprocessor systems
  • Sensor and transducers: specification, selection, system integration
  • Motor control, actuators, coupling coils and assemblies. Power supply design
  • Analogue, digital and mixed signal electronics design
  • RF, GSM and wireless. Telemetry
  • Digital media systems, audio and video. Encrypted solutions

Prototype support See More

Our prototyping capability is flexible. We can provide support from definition of product concept through to prototype design and manufacture. We can also liaise with customers on their design to provide functional looks-like prototypes and other equipment suitable for demonstrations, market trials and data collection.

Production readiness See More

We have wide experience of bringing products to market, including associated qualification and test requirements. This includes knowledge of how to cost-down designs, adapt and improve existing designs so that they are suitable for production and testing. We are able to design and test equipment to meet demanding EMC and environmental specifications. We can advise on test strategies, providing specialist test equipment and test services if applicable.


  • Electronic Systems
  • Sensors & Transducers
  • Control Modules
  • Simulators and Training Equipment
  • Digital Media Systems
  • Bespoke Electrical Components
  • Harsh Environments. Type Approvals
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  • Industrial
  • Defence & Security
  • Aerospace & Marine
  • Commercial
  • Transport
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The Key Benefits

  • High Integrity, High Reliability, High Performance Electronic Systems & Solutions
  • Cost-effective Bespoke & Custom Design
  • A Wide Range of Engineering Consulting & Services to Support You
  • Innovative Technical Capabilities, Solving Complex Problems
  • Customer Focused, Flexible Approach
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