Wireless Transducer System

HE Electronics: Wireless Transducer System

The HE Electronics Wireless Position & Sensor System measures, timestamps and logs sensor data with position, type and amplitude of movement and rotation in multiple axes. Analysis of the movement can be used to provide high level information about the motion - providing early warning of dangerous situations as well as accurate 3D positioning. The information is transmitted wirelessly to a central control unit. The system can measure and monitor data in the most demanding of situations, contains fault tolerant circuits and can cope with high shock and vibration environments.

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  • Position and movement measurement
  • Wide range of sensor options
  • Real time data acquisition
  • Remotely located wireless transducer modules
  • Lightweight, compact, low power consumption
  • Robust, suitable for harsh environments
  • Accurate and compact altitude measurement option 

System & Software 

The system is composed of complementary modules with accompanying software. HE Electronics proprietary communications protocol is used to format and transmit the sensor data. Bespoke GUIs monitor, log and process sensor data providing live system status reports with historical data storage.

HE Electronics has produced a variety of solutions using its core expertise and tested software and hardware designs. Complete solutions can be provided to fit the application. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Sensor Options

A wide range of sensors and capabilities can be supported:

  • Distance, acceleration, inclination, orientation, altitude
  • Light, sound, electromagnetic, pressure, temperature
  • GPS, GSM for data tagging and real time recording

Configuration options

  • Wireless ranges from <200m to 10km
  • Size depends on power and sensor options and wireless range • Rugged cylindrical or boxed casings. Custom casing options
  • RTC with independent battery backup
  • Battery or mains/DC operated
  • High temp/pressure options. Contact us 


  • Machinery and equipment position and tip detection
  • Airborne, underground, subsea sensor measurements
  • Impact force monitoring and characterisation 


  • Industrial
  • Defence and Security • Transport
  • Subsea and Marine
  • Agriculture 


  • Electronic Systems
  • Sensors & Transducers
  • Control Modules
  • Simulators and Training Equipment
  • Digital Media Systems
  • Bespoke Electrical Components
  • Harsh Environments. Type Approvals
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  • Industrial
  • Defence & Security
  • Aerospace & Marine
  • Commercial
  • Transport
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The Key Benefits

  • High Integrity, High Reliability, High Performance Electronic Systems & Solutions
  • Cost-effective Bespoke & Custom Design
  • A Wide Range of Engineering Consulting & Services to Support You
  • Innovative Technical Capabilities, Solving Complex Problems
  • Customer Focused, Flexible Approach
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